7 essential questions to ask your interviewer

Your interview has gone great so far; you’ve been able to answer all the interviewer’s questions and feel confident you’ve made a good impression. And then comes the question that signals the interview is wrapping up; “Do you have any questions for me?”. You’ve forgotten to prepare questions to ask the interviewer, so you freeze and reply, “Not really, no.” A sense of regret kicks in as you are leaving the interview, hoping and praying that you have shown enough passion and interest for the role.  

An interview is not just for the hiring manager to grill you. It’s also a chance for you to ask some questions yourself. Remember to tailor your questions to the specific role you’re interviewing for. 

Ask these questions at the end of the interview to show your passion for the role ⭐

  1. Can you show me some examples of projects I would be working on?
  2. What skills and experiences are you looking for in the ideal candidate?
  3. If I start this role, what are the most immediate projects that need to be addressed?
  4. What does a typical day look like in this role?
  5. How would you track my performance, and what are the KPIs for this role?
  6. Can you tell me more about the team that I would be a part of?
  7. What are the opportunities for professional growth in this role?

Don’t ask this❌

  1.  So, how did I do? Did I get the job?
  2. Can I expect a raise the first year in this role?
  3. What are the perks connected to this role?
  4. When will you get back to me with feedback?
  5. What does this company do?
  6. If I get hired, how soon can I request some vacation days?

Follow these tips to show your hunger, passion, enthusiasm, and interest in the role, the company, and the tasks that you would be peforming in this role. Practicing questions to ask your interviewer will make you stand out from the sea of applicants. If you want to go the extra mile, remember to follow up with a thank you note! 

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